Coffee Flip

Ingredients: 1 ounce cognac – 30 ml 1 ounce tawny port – 30 ml 1 small egg 1 teaspoon sugar Preparation Method:  1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice. 2. Add cognac, port, egg, and sugar. 3. Shake. 4. Strain into a chilled delmonico glass. 5. Dust with nutmeg.

Milk Punch

Ingredients: 8 ounces cold milk – 250 ml 1/2 ounce bourbon – 15 ml 3/4 ounce crème de cacao – 25 ml Preparation Method: 1. Fill cocktail shaker with ice. 2. Add milk, bourbon, and crème de cacao. 3. Shake. 4. Pour into a goblet.

Vodka Mint

Ingredients: 6 ounces frozen limeade – 180 ml 6 ounces vodka – 180 ml 17 mint leaves Preparation Method: 1. Combine limeade, vodka, and mint leaves with enough ice to fill blender. 2. Blend at highest speed until slushy. Pour into cocktail glasses. 3. Top with thin slices of lime and mint leaves.

Peach Fuzz

Ingredients:  3 ripened peaches 6 ounces pink lemonade – 180 ml 6 ounces vodka – 180 ml Ice cubes to fill blender Preparation Method: 1. Put peaches, pink lemonade, vodka, and ice in a blender. 2. Blend until iced is crushed. 3. Place in freezer for four hours. 4. Scoop into highball glasses.

Bloody Mary

Ingrediends: 1/2 ounces vodka (or peppered vodka for spice) – 14 ml 3 ounces tomato juice  - 90 ml 1/2 ounce lemon juice – 14 ml Dash or two Tabasco sauce Dash or two Worcestershire sauce Pinch of celery salt Pinch of pepper Dab of horseradish Preparation Method: 1. Chill a cocktail shaker. 2. Add […]

Rice with vegetables

Ingredients: 100-200 g mushrooms(optional) mexican mix ( corn, carrot, peas)* 2-4 medium onions 1-2 cups rice ( 200 ml cup ) – depends on how much you wanna make olive oil salt,pepper,curry oregano ( just a pinch ) Cooking Method: Cut or grate the onions. Saute or boil them ( here I can give you […]

Crêpes ( European Pancakes )

Ingredients: 3 eggs 300 g flour 300 ml milk 250-300 ml mineral water 3 tablespoon butter ( optional ) 1 pinch of salt 1-3 tablespoon of sugar (optional) rum/vanilla flavor ( only if you fill it with sweet cream ) 50 ml oil for frying Preparation Method: Crack the eggs and mix them with the […]

Red pepper soup

Ingredients: 2 red bell peppers 2 cups water half large avocado one large carrot half teaspoon chopped garlic  sea salt 1 chopped onion Preparation Method: Mix all the ingredients in blender. If you want your soup cold, you can add an ice cube or put it in the fridge for 1h. If you want a […]

Leaf salad with mozzarella, mint, peach and prosciutto

Ingredients: leaf salad ripe peach mozzarella parma ham or prosciutto lemon juice Preparation method: Pinch the skin of the peach and peel from bottom to top, then cut them. Rip the mozzarella into small pieces and place on a plate with the peaches; then season lightly. Put a couple of slices of prosciutto on top, […]

Mashed potatoes

Ingredients: 3-4 potatoes pinch of salt,pepper garlic (optional) 4-5 tablespoon of milk 2-3 or yoghurt (optional) 1-2 tablespoon of butter or margarine (depends on the amount of potatoes) Preparation Method: Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces, like 5-6 cm ( 2 inches). Put them into a pot and fill it with water […]